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  'Nurturing mankind through seaweeds'

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1. Carrageenan

Carrageenan is a carbohydrate produced from algae used as a thickener, stabilizing agent, tablet coating, gelling agent, pet food binder, viscosity improver etc. in food, beverages, and pharma industries.

Our carrageenan is widely used by jelly, confectioneries, pharma, dairy products, meat products, brewery products and cosmetics manufacturers. Carrageenan can be used as a substitute of other cellulose as it increases mouth feel and also has a high gelling strength.

Feel free to inquire about the product through the contact information given on 'contact us' page.

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2. Kappaphycus Alvarazzi

Red Algae also known as kappaphycus alvarazii is an algae which is used to manufacture carrageenan and a supplement in animal feed.

Kappa Carrageenan is an emulsifying agent used in food, cosmetic industry. 

We Aquarev Industries cultivate red algae at west coast of India with determined quality and best pricing.

We supply red algae in wet, dry as well as powder form as per the buyers requirement.    

Please contact us for further inquiries.

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3. Sargassum seaweed powder

Sargassum seaweed powder is processed from sargassum seaweed collected from seacoast. the seaweed is processed to make the fine powder used as component in biofertiliser, alginate, animal feed, and pharmaceuticals industry.

Aquarev industries serves many biofertiliser, alginates, animal feed and pharmaceutical companies in domestic market and cater their needs. Quality and quantity is always mainatin to serve the domestic needs.

 Do not hesitate to contact for bulk and sampling inquiries for dried sargassum powder.

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4. Seaweed liquid fertilizer


Seaweed liquid fertilizer is manufactured from sargassum seaweed. It is pure 100% seaweed fertilizer with no chemicals added used as a growth promoter in farms. It helps to make land more fertile and give upto 30 % more yield.  It is 100% organic and made from indian species seaweed without use of any imported chemicals. Seaweed liquid extract also work as a pest control additive which helps to discards usage of other pesticides on agricultural fields. It also conains micro nutrients, which helps formulators and repackers to directly pack and reduce cost. We also supply in bulk for coating of seaweed on bentonite and gypsum granules to manufacture soil conditioners.  We manufacture in bulk and supply in drums to repackers. We manufacture and supply domestic users as well as export seaweed liquid fertilizer globally. So make your farms more productive and more greener. 

Contact us by call or email for bulk and small orders.

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5. Groundnuts

Groundnut/Peanuts are the speciality produce of Gujarat state in India. India is one of the largest producer of groundnuts in the world. The special variety peanut of this area (Saurastra, Gujarat) is world famous in its flavor, taste and aroma. Raw Groundnut is valued for its protein contents, which is of high biological value. 
Groundnut contains more protein than meat, two and half times more than eggs and more than any other vegetable food. It also contains phosphorous and niacin that help in building resistance against all infections, such as Hepatitis and tuberculosis.

Contact us for bulk requirements of groundnut, groundnut De Oiled Cake (DOC). 

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