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     'Nurturing mankind through seaweeds'


'Let's make your product more superior'

Carrageenan makes mouth feel better. It is a vegetarian product with high gel strength makes your food, pharma product quality more better.

It is widely used as a thickening or stabilizing or gelling agent in food& beverages, and pharma industries.

Kappa carrageenan food grade is mainly used in meat products, pet food, dairy products, brewery products, jellies and candies, tooth pastes, air freshners and many other products.

We produce carrageenan food and pharma grade around 100 metric tonnes per annum with an excellent quality which can be compared with refined carrageenan. Our quality matches JECFA standards and is of high gel strength which reduces the usage of carrageenan in a product which saves more cost to the buyer.

Our manufacturing process is fully automated with minimal interefernce of human hands which ensures high quality product.

Have a look at our carrageenan


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   Ask our Carrageenan, pectin, and agar agar expert for your dosage and mouthfeel related  queries @ '+91 9427205179' ..

2. Seaweed Liquid Exract

'Be Organic, save mankind'


Seaweed liquid fertilizer is manufactured from brown algae. It is pure 100% seaweed fertilizer with no chemicals added used as a growth promoter in farms. It helps to make land more fertile and give upto 30 % more yield. We manufacture and supply domestic users as well as export seaweed liquid fertilizer globally. So make your farms more productive and more greener.  It is 100% organic and made from indian species seaweed without use of any imported chemicals. We manufacture in bulk and supply in drums to repackers. 

Dosage :-


3 ml per litre. Can be mixed with pesticides (organic or inorganic) in foilar spray. However,seaweed liquid extract also works as a pest control additive and may not pesticides by using our seaweed liquid extract.



Advantages :-  

Increases yield upto 35%.

Makes land more fertile.

Saves money and time by using low amount of dosage compared to other inorganic extract.

100% organic. (no chemical added)

Coated extract means no wash out of its effect due to rain after spray.

Includes micronutrients making cost effecient for formulators and repackers.


Directions of use :-

Spray once flowering starts. Spray every 10 to 15 days in early morning or after sun set.


Do not hesitate to contact us by call or email for bulk and small orders. We also entertain interested farmers for direct purchase in small quantities as a cost effective approach. 

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3. PIESAN  (Ice Cream Stabiliser)

PIESAN stabilizer is specially designed for manufacturing of ice cream cups, hard frozen deserts with a very low dosage basis depending upon the milk pre fat mixes. It is manufactured with blends of different gums like carrageenan, locust bean gum, Sodium CMC etc.

We use superior hydrocolloids with a perfect technical combination to ensure the best quality for your ice creams. We also ensure the longer the melting point of your ice creams due to specifically designed blending of our ice cream stabilizer.

Dosage :-


Ranging from 0.35 to 0.5% depending upon the milk fat content.

Advantages of PIESAN:-

This product is recommended in Ice cream to achieve the following results : -

- Prevent the growth of Ice crystals in cold storage
- Improves texture in terms of smoothness
- Enhance creaminess and Mouth felling
- Maintaining Product viscosity in processing and while eating
- Maintaining melting point after taken from cold storage


We also manufacture seaweed extract granules (soil conditioner), pectin food-grade, agar-agar powder, seaweed non-extracted powder on bulk order basis.

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