'Nurturing mankind through seaweeds'



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  Incepted in the year 2011, we are a group of cohort individuals with diverse background promoting the company AquaRev Industries. Our company, a small scale business entity, is involved in cultivation of red seaweed and  manufacturing of Carrageenan. Legally, a partnership firm, we adhere to high business principles in our every venture.


Quality is the primary attribute that is imbibed in our products, leaving no scope for complaints from our customers.Presently,we are serving the clientele across the world. We also supply customized products according to customer requirements and specifications.


We offer a wide product range  such as Carrageenan,  Kappaphycus and  other type of seaweeds, liquid fertilizer, plant growth promoters, plant growth regulators, bentonite granules, seaweed liquid extract, seaweed extract gel, pectin, agar agar powder etc..

Our Team :-


  The team consists of expert individuals with prior experince in respective fields required to carry out a professional business. The quality along with marketing and end to end enterprise are the main features of the corporation. Young minds with innovative ideas and to think beyond the ordinaries to nurture mankind through seaweed products would help to prosper and grow company at a steady pace.

Seaweeds :-


  A boon to mankind. Carrageenan from these algae is  useful in many ways in our day to day life.  The algae in different form in different variety is used in food, agro, cosmetics, animal feed, pharma and many other industries.

Our Beliefs  : -

  Seaweeds of every type have a lot of potential for its advantages in various industries. We  believe in our Indian seaweeds and procure best seaweeds to make the correct product related to a particular industry. Seaweeds of native origin make the product more cheaper and effective with best qualtiy than sourced from outside the country. We always try to negotiate for a positive approach to use the seaweed products of Indian origin rather than using inorganic products sourced from outside the country. We maintain a policy of 'subsititue imports' by producing seaweed products which were since decades imported from outside the country. We believe in 'Nurturing mankind through seaweeds'.


Our Strengths : -

  We as a company with best-in-class experienced managers give you the best seaweed based products with market competent price and much result oriented. Our range of products are  made inhouse with our own quality raw materials.   The buyers get quality product with economical pricing. We always thrive to give best quality with best price than prevaliing competitors in domestic as well as international markets.


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  Seaweeds of different kinds are a boon to mankind due to its usage in multiple ways.Carrageenan manufactured from seaweeds is used as a food thickening, stabilizing, gelling agent, viscosity improver etc. in food and beverages industries. Our carrageenan (food grade) due to its high quality and standards reduces manufacturing cost and also enhances end product quality. Apart from just food and beverage industries, it is also used in general pharma products such as tablet coating, general prescribed syrups etc.. The quality is competent to international standards. Many companies use it as a vegetarian gelatin as it is a subsitute of non-vegetarian gelatin. The company intiated by young minds to further prosper and develop strong business with high quality of products. Besides carrageenan, we manufacture ice-cream stabilizer 'PIESAN' prepared with high quality hydrocolloids to give best texture, stability and mouth feel to your ice creams. We also provide other seaweed products used in bio fertilizer and bio pesticides industries. 

 A snap shot of our carrageenan food  and pharma grade.

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